Clinical work

The therapeutic base of the Department of Childhood Illness No. 2 (headed by Prof. I.Karimzhonov, head of the department) is located in the 14th building of the TMA Clinic and the 16-family polyclinic in the Almazar District, the 14-family polyclinic in the Almazar District and the 49-family clinic in the Chilonzar District.

1-clinic TMA provides medical and polyclinic care for children under 18 years old, which is designed for 120 beds and 150 receptions in polyclinics. Reception and rest day hospital is located on the 1st floor there is a separate room for the reception of newborns, infants and older children. There are 2 isolators and rooms for narrow specialties: nephrologist, allergist, neurologist and ENT doctor. In addition, in this floor there is a computer diagnostic room, an X-ray room, an ECG room and a clinical and biochemical laboratory. The second floor is located. Allergists (15 beds) and Dep. neurologists (15 beds). 3rd floor Pulmonology (30 beds) and Otd.reanimatsii (6 beds). 4th floor of dd. cardio-rheumatology and nephrology (15 beds). 5th floor Newborns (15 beds) and Dep. of the infants (15 beds).

The Department of Childhood Illness No. 2 is on duty for 2 months on sanitary-aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The teaching and teaching staff of the department “Children’s diseases No. 2” daily advises the medical work on the children’s building and advises the sick in the maternity ward. and Otd. Children’s surgery 2-clinic TMA.