In 1920, in connection with the opening of the Faculty of Medicine at the Central Asian State University was organized by the Department of Childhood Illness. The first head of the department, was elected Professor A. Ustinov (1920-1921).


Subsequently, the department was headed by Professor Osinovsky NI (1922-1930), worked together at the Department K.G.Titov, A.M.Maksudov, V.A.Nedrit, M.Z.Lyubetskaya, S.M.Mirkis. In 1925 was organized by the Central Asian scientific community pediatricians, and its first chairman   was elected professor Osinovsky NI
From 1930 to 1938, GG department was headed by Professor RS Gershenovich.

012In the years 1920-1930 academic work   Department was directed at studying diseases and maternal and child health care setting, infant feeding issues, issues of measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, etc. at the department in the years worked B.M.Deych, N.A.Garetovsky, VI . Lysenko A.P.Vasileva, A.A.Gyulbasarova, L.S.Aleksandrova, S.D.Kalenova, M.G.Artamonov, M.I.Iren, H.N.Pavlova, L.F.Burova
Since 1930, 67 to 19 years. Head of the Department of Childhood Illness was Professor K. Titov.

013During this period,   Department   the introduction of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of mumps, infectious hepatitis, leishmaniasis, malaria, diphtheria, leishmaniasis, much attention was paid to training. During this period, the department worked H.T.Glezer, A.M.Maksudov, S.Sh.Shamsiev, A.N.Ivanov, A.R.Rachieva, I.F.Fozilov, S.N.Yuldasheva, A.A.Noshik-Bussel, V.P.Eletskaya, A.I.Ilyasov, T.K.Kadyrova. Head of the Department of Childhood Illness   About the Professor. C. Mahmoudov   (19 69 -19 72) its activities directed at studying dysentery, yersiniosis, polio, rheumatism, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the physical development of children. Worked at the department V.P.Eletskaya, A.I.Ilyasov, T.K.Kadyrova Sh.B.Tursunov, MA. M.Salikhov.


Mahmoudov Siradzhetdinovich Orhan (1925-2012),

Honored Worker of Science of Uzbekistan, MD, professor


Mannaf Atamatovich Mirzamuhamedov

(1920-2002 dQ.) Honored Worker of Science of Uzbekistan, MD, professor.

Since 19 72, and in the next 25 years, becoming head of the department Prof. M. A. Mirzamuhamedov. This period can be   call the Department of flowering   diseases of childhood diseases.Under the guidance of Professor M. A. Mirzamuhamedova was protected 15 dissertations   of doctor and doctor of medical sciences and has published more than    10 0 scientific   work. Professor M.A.Mirzamuhamedovym were prepared today known pediatricians (Daminov MA, Israilov AR, Karimdzhanov IA, Umarov AD, Bobomuradov TA, Abdusagatova Sh.Sh. Talipova NK, Sulejmanov AS, AK Tursunbaev etc.).

Some scientists working under the direction of Professor M. A. Mirzamuhamedova, later headed the department of children’s diseases other medical institutions Basic vnymi activities of the department during this period were training, dysentery, polio, rheumatism, heart disease, kidney disease, and physical development of allergic diseases Children. At the department worked I.A.Islambekova, I.M.Muhitdinov, M.N.Ahmedova, M.H.Shomirzaeva, N.F.Slobodskaya, B.R.Alimhodzhaev, S.T.Pak, M.A.Daminov, P . A.Nizametdinova, L.Yu.Atabekova, A.R.Israilov, G.D.Azizova, M.A.Voisova, N.A.Hamraeva, M.N.Ahundi, G.K.Beketova, TA . Konicheva, E.I.Salimov.
In 1990, the Tashkent State Medical Institute   was divided into two independent  Institute. Head   Department of Tashkent State Medical Institute I I was elected to the honored worker of science and professor of Uzbekistan   Mannaf Atamatovich World s amuhamedov, from 1997, the department was headed by Professor Ilhamdzhan Asamovich Karimdzhanov. At the department during this period worked Zh.A.Sultanov, M.V.Mirtalipova, N.G.Azimova, S.S.Tulaganova, G.N.Isakova, M.Sh.Tuychieva, N.Sh.Iskhakova, N. B.Zhuraev, T.H Zoitova, D.A.Musaeva, S.M.Musaeva, R.B.Kodirova, F.M.Hodzhieva
Head of the department I was elected Tashkent State Medical Institute Professor M. P. Nuritdinov, with 4 199 department was headed by Professor Ilham Nizamovich Nizametdinov
From 2005 to the present, in connection with the organization of the Tashkent Medical Academy,   Chairs in childhood diseases, and since 2010, the department of pediatrics in the preparation of the GP (GP Pediatrics) headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Ilhamdzhan Asamovich Karimdzhanov .

016Karimdzhanov Ilhamdzhan Asamovich

Doctor   Professor of Medicine, since 2005, Head of the Department of Pediatrics GP Tashkent Medical Academy. 

In 1989   he defended his    thesis, in 1993 a doctoral thesis on “The Daily hronoalgoritm hronohimioterapiya and pulmonary tuberculosis.” Author of over 150 scientific papers, 1 monograph, 1 manual, 15 methodical   and methodological recommendations, 1 patent.
Under the guidance of Professor IA Karimdzhanova protected by 1 Doctor and 11 candidate theses. Prof. Karimdzhanov IA is a member of the Specialized Council on thesis of Pediatrics, a member of the Certification Commission for the Designation of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan The Qualification of the level of doctor pediatrician.

Currently at the Department of GP Tashkent Pediatric Medical Academy There are 4 well-professor and doctor of medical sciences, associate professor of 0 in 5, 2 senior lecturers   and 7 assistants (including 5 PhD).